Arrows from Winkie

Illuminated from Winkie

New York's WINKIE take you deeper into their perpetually nocturnal world of chaos with their first full-length album titled "ONE DAY WE PRETENDED TO BE GHOSTS".

Wrought with layers of shoegaze worthy reverb and distortion the songs make you feel as if walking through a storm of sound and yet the band balances it all out with melodic synth lines and sullenly sweet vocals. A definite hit for those who like their music with a touch of bleak.

"The more you dip into it the more the album becomes a swirling vortex of sound, a veritable smorgasboard of industrial shoegaze drones. Comparable with the best bits of fellow travelers A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Belong, harking further back to Cocteau Twins, Curve and The Cure yet they add a sonic harshness along the way which is just the ticket to blow away any New Years cobwebs." – Clinton, Norman Records

"A wise man once said if you have ghosts, than you have everything. Winkie have everything – including an almost painfully perfect debut album and miles of road ahead of them." – Ryan, Revolt of the Apes